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All Because of God

Psalm 104:24-35 The things of life are ever-changing. Babies are born, they grow up through the toddler years to school-age children to teenagers to graduates. So many new experiences in there for the children and for the parents. Before long those children might get married and have children of their own; and the cycle begins again. People who once were graduates become parents who become grandparents who become great-grandparents. All throughout this cycle there are ups and downs, successes and failures, bad days and good days. We celebrate the good and we endure the bad. Even as we are in the midst of all of these experiences, though, we remember that God is the one who holds them all in his hands. This psalm covers the vast expanses of life as it considers how God presides over everything. God made the things of the earth, both those on the ground and those in the depths of the vast oceans (104:24-25). God provides the food at the proper time for all of the creatures which

Where is Your Focus?

Acts 1:6-11 I remember this one time that I was supposed to do a partner project in school. We had to choose a story from the book of Judges to analyze using all sorts of interpretation tools, then we had to present our work to the class with a PowerPoint. The day was nearing to give our presentation, and my partner and I were meeting to put all of our work together in PowerPoint. What did our first hour consist of? My friend deciding on the background and font that he wanted to use. He wanted the presentation to have a certain “look.” I barely contained my fury at what a waste of time this was. I should not be so hard on my friend. Each of us, at one time or another, gets to a point where we fixate on what is not important in the moment. Maybe we lose sight of the big picture and focus instead on the details. Details can be important, but if they keep you from completing the work then they become pointless. As a detail-oriented person, this happens to me much more frequently th

God Has Done It

Psalm 22:25-31 Against my better judgment, I try to keep up with the news. The trouble is that there is so much bad stuff happening in the world. Regardless of your political viewpoint on the matter, the hundreds of migrants who just showed up at our border are people in need. The significant population of homeless people in San Francisco and Portland (both recently in the news) is a group of people in need. As North Korea continues to be in the headlines, we sometimes get glimpses of what life is like for the general populace there—they are people in need. Of course, the needs of these various groups centers on economic need, but we see other kinds of need in the news as well. The terror attack in Toronto and various attacks in Europe signal a need for security and safety. There are still many other widespread needs than these all throughout the world. Taking in just how much need there is in the world, can you imagine what it would be like if somebody resolved all those needs?