The Blessings of Wisdom

Proverbs 9:1-6

Of the three “wisdom” books, Proverbs probably is the one which we most associate with wisdom. (Some of you may not have realized that Ecclesiastes and Job also are “wisdom” books.) In it are contained the sayings of what will lead to wisdom, and a person who lives by the words in them will be wise. Of course, the book does not contain just two-line proverbs, but there are poems as well as something like stories. That is what we find here as we learn about Wisdom personified.
Wisdom’s story actually is a bit longer than these few verses, but here is the most succinct summation of who Wisdom is. She is one who has built her house, and it is perfect as the “seven pillars” indicate (9:1). In essence, Wisdom is secure. She also has done her duties and prepared a table for guests (9:2). In essence, Wisdom is righteous and hospitable. Finally, she sends out her call from her place of prominence (9:3). In essence, Wisdom is valuable and open to all.
In these short verses, we get a glimpse of the character of Wisdom, but then we hear what she calls out to the people. She calls to those who are simple and without sense (9:4). In that way, her words and her life are for even the most basic among us. Wisdom is not just for the learned or the excellent. Then she says that she has provision for those who will accept (9:5). They can lay aside their immaturity, their life which will lead to nowhere, and instead receive what is truly life as they are able to see more clearly because of what Wisdom has taught them (9:6).
Just glance back over the things from these few verses, and notice the overwhelming sense which is contained in them. Wisdom is a good thing. Who does not want her security, her righteousness, her hospitality, her prominence? Who does not want to leave behind simple thinking, immaturity, and a life that leads nowhere? Who does not want true life by walking on a path which they can see clearly? It is a freely-given gift, open for the taking, and we know that we find it now in Jesus Christ (1 Cor 1:24). In him are all the blessings of Wisdom and so much more. -TL

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